DIY Fujifilm X-M1 wireless shutter release control

Wireless shutter release for X-M1

Fujifilm X-M1 out of box do not equip a remote shutter remote or capability for third parties. You have only one choice  (RR-90) USB wired remote. As I owned X-E1 in few months ago, X-E1 works with Canon E3 compatible remote shutter release and I found that RR-80 USB (for X-E1) wired remote is a analog signal control (see Therefore guessing X-M1 will reuse the same mechanism as X-E1, so I tried to figure out the PIN combination to simulate RR-90 and then try to integrate it with a Canon E3 compatible remote shutter release.

What you need

1. 2.5mm Jack cable 2. Micro USB Male Plug
3. Canon E3 CompatibleShutter Release (Wireless/Wired) 4. Soldering tools


2.5 Jack PIN Micro USB PIN
Tip(Red) 5
Ring(White) 4
Ground(Black or sheild) 1

Pin explanation

Operation Combaination
AF (Haft-Press) Pin1 + Pin 4
Shutter Release (Full-Press ) Pin5 + Pin 4