Enable your iPad 2 Cover Lock/Unlock Option

iPad Cover Lock/Unlock missing? Most of you might have noticed that iPad 2 doesn’t shows the iPad Cover Lock/Unlock option in settings. That’s NOT an issue, this option automatically shows up once you attach the smart cover for first time on your iPad.

Use a piece of magnet, and touch on your iPad right upper side.

The “iPad Cover Lock / Unlock” option will then show up in “General” Setttings.

To pretend a smart cover, just stick a little piece of magnet on your foo cover :P


Firefox / thunderbird font hinting broken after upgrade ubuntu 11.04

I was encountered the font hinting/smoothing were broken on firefox/thunderbird after upgrade to ubuntu 11.04, as you see the screenshot, the title has font smoothed but the Menu,URL address and the content dosen’t.

Having reset everything in gnome by remove “.gnome2″,”.gconf”,”.gconfd” doesn’t help. Finally remove this file “.fonts.conf” in home folder did the trick.

My Yahoo Auctions account Got Hacked!!!

Never imagine that my account will got hijacked, but here it is. My auction account pumped with item listing by someone without my authorization. The listing fee come up $2324 HKD, whoa….

When I notice there was few activities is happening on my account, I was going to change my password to a very complicated one, but it doesn’t help to stop the bumping. So I was questioned that, the login authentication wasn’t enforce the hijacked session to re-initiate the authentication.

In this situation, I was nothing to do to protect my account against the hackers. And I have to call Yahoo customer service to deal with it. Between the conversations, I thought Yahoo seems always handle such problem and asking myself to fill up a declaration form….. let’s see what’ll going to happen, will they withdraw the bill? no idea.

Pacemaker non-clones resource restart when clones stop/start on other nodes


Node alpha holds resource groups rg_vg01.

Node beta holds the corresponding resources as same as alpha

Both nodes hold instances of the CLVM DLM clone.

As beta is switched into standby mode, the clone
instance on beta correctly transition to the Stopped state.
However, the rg_vg01 resource groups are
restarted in-place on alpha needlessly.


It was caused by resource-stickness score INFINITY order was defined between clone and standalone resource.

order order-clvm-vg inf: clvm-dlm-clone rg_vg01

To solve that, you should change the score to 0 between standalone and clones.

order order-clvm-vg 0: clvm-dlm-clone rg_vg01

A related bug fix.

Connect with local sysdba failed when database start up by CRS

What happen?

A database started up by CRS successfully, but you can’t connect it by local sysdba “sqlplus / as sysdba”, however tnsping or connect with connection string “sqlplus system@prddb” works fine.
Later, you tried to start the database alone manually, it works fine with both connection method.

You inspected every crs log and alertlog but it look seems fine.

Oops, why it inconsistent?

When clusterware trying to startup your oracle, it’ll use $ORACLE_HOME/bin/racgwrap , so make sure your system environment setting is same as the ORACLE_HOME setting in racgwrap script.

Meridien at CyberPort


I’m seldom to give comment on restaurant, but this one is real suck!

Lamb still bleeding, semi cooked
Beef over cooked… like gum
Fired Pork Cutlet… semi cooked…
Rice in between cooked and uncooked
Penne Rigate… some cooked some not yet…

Desert is fine.
Fruit is fine.
Coffee is fine.