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Lucky night maintenance, if your SAN man…

Lucky night maintenance, if your SAN manufacture vendor tell you, your both SAN controller card have issue, one is marginal healthy and one is seems to be failure…. which one you would like to replace first….


P2 is great, but bugs everywhere….. C…

P2 is great, but bugs everywhere….. Conflict with collapsing categories widget NextGen Page can’t shown properly unless add float:left to #main in style.css

NextGEN Gallery i18n gallary tags issue

I found that “nggtags gallary=” not yet support i18n tags, however “nggtags ablum=” did, is it include in future release or current version have bug? i don’t know… And then i tried to fix it using following mod.


人情信封要怎樣寫 ?

1)謹具__奉賀 謹具,即是代表信封內有甚麼。大多數人都是付現金的。所以我們通常都會填上「薄儀」二字,這樣就可以代表你的心意了。 2)__笑納 笑納其實是代表「笑著地收納」,即是說你希望主人家笑著地收納你的「薄儀」,所以笑納之前,就是要填上「邀請你的人的名字」了。如婚宴,男家邀請你的,就寫新郎的名字;女家邀請你的,就寫新娘的名字;不用把新人兩個名字都寫上。如果是壽宴,當然是寫上壽星公的名字啦。 3)__之喜 很易明白啊,是因應對方因為結婚,壽宴,滿月或其他事情慶祝而寫上相對的字。 4)__鞠躬 更加易明了,就是填上你自己的名字囉。當然你不用鞠著躬的遞給收禮金的人啦。 *如果你只懂得新人的其中一方,你當然會知道是誰人邀請你來的。但如果你跟新人兩個都熟落,大家又懂得怎樣分別是由男家邀請你還是女家邀請你嗎?其實很簡單,請帖通常都會釘上一個小利是封。如果利是封內的是錢幣,這就代表是由男方邀請你的。如果利是封內是餅咭,這就代表是由女方邀請你的,正所謂嫁女餅嫁女餅嘛。所以婚前女家通常要向男方提出要求幾多嫁女餅~

Set newer portable Mac’s sleep mode

Check the current setup Alaunch Terminal, the first step is to determine which sleep mode your Mac is currently using (in case you wish to go back to it). You can both view and change the sleep mode using the Unix program pmset. To see your current settings, type pmset -g | grep hibernatemode. You […]


Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens) My favor red panda Funny owl

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