XML errors when document contain UTF control character HEX 0x??

When you getting errors NSXMLParserErrorDomain kind of errors in iphone and tired to resolve the problem with your wordpress site, that error usually caused by invalid UTF character in your post.

The easiest way prove that, you can publish few blog post with blank content, and then re-save your iphone blog setting following your each blank post. Once get it pass the saving progress in iphone you should know which blog post including invaild character.



what is vglock?

A vg used as cluster lock is generally called vglock. cluster lock refer to a tie breaker short of thing which is generally used in a two node service guard cluster. In the event of failure of communication between two nodes whoever takes control of lock first will continue to run cluster and other node will be halted.

Hence the purpose of this is to ensure both nodes independently form two seperate clusters in the even of failure of communication among them.

Oracle RAC – VIP Issues

I try to summarize here some of the errors and its solutions i got while running a Oracle 10g R2 Real Application Cluster (RAC)

starting VIP application resource on (2) nodes1:CRS-1006: No more members to consider
CRS-0215: Could not start resours ‘ora.hostname.vip’
: Check the log file /u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/crs/log/hostnamel/racg/ora.hostname.vip.log

I got this issue resolved by specifying the default gateway to some dummy ip address (same subnet) in both of my virtual machines. Earlier i didnt specify any default gateway both in my virtual machines and got this error, also while your network interface was unplugged, it will getting this error too.

Install canon eos software

To install canon eos software via their download version. You need to create corresponding registry key as below.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


MH2G key quest

(轉貼)[MHP2G] 集會所 HR1-HR9 + 村長 1星 – 9星 關鍵任務名單  


村長 1 星
03 肉食竜の討伐!             討伐     
04 忍び寄る気配                採集     
05 ブランゴを倒せ!          討伐

村長 2 星
04 肉食竜のリーダー             狩猟    村長★1升村長★2緊急  
05 猪突猛進!ドスファンゴ    狩猟   
10 密林の大怪鳥                   狩猟     
11 珍獣の中の珍獣                狩猟   
17 幻のキモを追え!             採集

村長 3 星
03 雪山に潜む影                    狩猟   村長★2升村長★3緊急  
05 ブランゴ討伐作戦              討伐
10 砂に潜む巨大蟹!              狩猟     
13 毒の怪鳥、ゲリョス現る!  狩猟     
18 キノコ探しで大もうけ!?  採集  

村長 4 星
02 激突!雪獅子ドドブランゴ     狩猟    村長★3升村長★4緊急  
07 決戦!一角竜モノブロス        狩猟     
12 見えざる飛竜、バサルモス!  狩猟   
13 炎の山の大将軍                    狩猟     
16 燃石炭採掘指令                    採集   

村長 5 星
01 絶対強者                       狩猟    村長★4升村長★5緊急  
04 猛毒の包囲網                 狩猟     
06 死闘!角竜ディアブロス  狩猟     
08 究極の蟹料理                 狩猟     
11 鎧竜グラビモスの脅威     狩猟   

村長 6 星
01 一対の巨影        狩猟    村長★5升村長★6緊急  
03 桜舞う密林        狩猟     
04 4本の角           狩猟     
80 激闘!蒼の火竜  狩猟   
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vi quick sheet

learn vi…… you’ve to remember many command and key……

Starting and Ending VI

Starting VI
vi filename Edits filename
vi -r filename Edits last save version of filename after a crash
vi + n filename Edits filename and places curser at line n
vi + filename Edits filename and places curser on last line
vi +/string filename Edits filename and places curser on first occurance of string  
vi filename file2 Edits filename, then edits file2 … After the save, use :n
Ending VI
ZZ or :wq or :x Saves and exits VI
:w Saves current file but doesn’t exit
:w! Saves current file overriding normal checks but doesn’t exit
:w file Saves current as file but doesn’t exit
:w! file Saves to file overriding normal checks but doesn’t exit
:n,mw file Saves lines n through m to file
:n,mw >>file Saves lines n through m to the end of file
:q Quits VI and may prompt if you need to save
:q! Quits VI and without saving
:e! Edits file discarding any unsaved changes (starts over)
:we! Saves and continues to edit current file

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8月12日 捍衛傳統的人

8月12日 捍衛傳統的人
宮位:獅子座 18-20 獅子座 三 固定的 火像