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WordPress theme preview “The eVol Theme”

I’ll release this WordPress theme “The eVol Theme” for free(hopefully) in coming days(hopefully too), this theme is a all-in-one package build for photographers, portfolio users, bloggers. The themes support the follow key features. – Front-end composing – Auto image resize, attach – Exif, Geo location display for images. – Jplayer support for Audio/Video – Switchable […]

Submitting WordPress post from frontend without a plugin

About This tutorial will guide you to create your own custom post composing form to enable fast blogging with your favorite theme without adding a plugin. I’m looking for any alternative to not porting P2, however…. none., ¬†finally that’s the reason i wrote it, and It was also inspired by the original development from http://wpshout.com/wordpress-submit-posts-from-frontend/. […]


MySQL tuning for dummies

Introduction There is so many people asking how to improve their mysql instance, and also so many replies that increase key_buffer, sort_buffer, cache size… etc… which believe will lighten up the performance. However, fellows never notice those parameters was actually efficient to their setup. So here you are MySqlTuner,


Best Free Useful Android Apps – Updated on 22 DEC

Here is a list of useful and handy apps for your android, please leave a comment if you found any good one I didn’t list here.


howto create GFS on DRBD network disk mirroring

Introduction This howto will cover how to create a DRBD disk set with GFS concurrent disk access setup. Why DRBD? DRBD disk mirroring benefit as a shared SAN disk to archive higher service resilience with low cost hardware component. Alternately, it may be configured for backup purpose with it’s flexibility. Prerequisite 1. RedHat Cluster Suit […]


Performance tuning on Apache, PHP, MySQL, WordPress v1.1 – Updated

Introduction This tutorial is covering the web server performance tunings on MySQL, PHP and Apache, WordPress and BuddyPress or general web hosting purpose, the tuning example is based on CentOS 5. The key of the following performance tuning is focus on memory and caching, most of people host a web site or forum or blog […]

RPM for dummies

RPM for dummies Contents Listing Contents of an RPM Package Printing Out an RPM Package Information Unpacking of an RPM Archive Creating a Private RPM Database Installing an RPM Package Upgrading RPM Packages Relocating RPM Packages Dealing with Dependencies Listing Installed Packages Uninstalling RPM Packages Building RPM from Source Rebiilding RPM Database This post was […]


MRP0: Background Media Recovery terminated with error 19909

How to solve ORA-19909 error when re-sync dataguard, when the standby database shutdown ungracefully, sometime you may found an error when you put the standby database back online, in this scenario, I try to active the standby database and flash back to standby mode in order to let standby database re-apply archive logs again. Error […]

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