Arduino OSC step by step howto


This tutorial provide step by step that help you to  setup a OSC ready Arduino which allows you to send instruction to your Arduino wirelessly from your iOS/Android device by using TouchOSC.

Suppose you have basic knowledge on computer networking, and Arduino, and we are going to cover the following topics.

1. Hardware Setup

  • Show you how they connected together.
  • The network setup

2. Software Setup

  • The exact Arduino coding
  • Composing TouchOSC interface
  • TouchOSC Setup on iOS

3. The Demo

  • Show you the result of the setup

1. Hardware Setup

Setup Diagram

Let’s take a look the setup diagram, see how this connected.

  • A servo connected to Digital Pin 13
  • Arduino ethernet assigned a IP
  • iOS will be assigned a IP by DHCP

Hardware Components


You need the following component to construct your setup

1. Arduino board (Mega 2560, UNO…etc)

2. Arduino compatible ethernet Shield

3. Low power consumption servo unit, recommend a mini or micro sized servo.

4. Power supply, for example 5v, 2A

5. Wireless AP/Router, DHCP enabled.

Let’s Hook them up

Let’s start to hook them shown as below

Hookup Image
Signal Pin
Servo Power Pin

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