auxpropfunc error no mechanism available errors


Once you configured Postfix + MySQL + Courier imap + SASL SMTP Auth,

And you configured SASL with using courier auth daemon as the following config.

pwcheck_method: authdaemond
log_level: 3
mech_list: plain login

You may notice there have a error message when every smtp attempt.

Mar 12 06:10:32 lxpsrv01 postfix/smtpd[29770]: sql_select option missing
Mar 12 06:10:32 lxpsrv01 postfix/smtpd[29770]: auxpropfunc error no mechanism available
Mar 12 06:10:32 lxpsrv01 postfix/smtpd[29770]: auxpropfunc error invalid parameter supplied


Remove SASL sql package, because you don’t need it while you configured to use authdaemon instead of direct sql query. Or simply ignore it, it’s no harm and just annoying.

rpm -e cyrus-sasl-sql

Samba 3.4.6 RPM for CentOS 5.4 x86_64

Complied on CentOS 5.4 x86_64 using without customization.

[download id=”2″]
md5: 1a43369d6e9dd8c24b3c24c2c51f9527

[download id=”3″]
md5: 5f2f6eda1faa6c835657cc48f4889cd4

[download id=”5″]
md5: 50af881f6a96c3bbe22e05bef32d981b

[download id=”9″]
md5: 6c1b8a214fd81bb2f07167a48056b306

[download id=”10″]
md5: 59310246c7eb38e96e9718266c551d9b

[download id=”11″]
md5: ac2f6550ae8fbef4f28cd8b4f3247084

MS Document with Samba Changes Owner of File

When user B saves a MS document that is owned by user A, the updated file is now owned by user B, and user B saves the file again, the permission reset to owen read only. How do I fix this?

        force create mode = 0770
        force directory mode = 0770
        force security mode = 0770
        force directory security mode = 0770

These two settings will ensure that all directories and files that get created in the share will be readable/writable by the owner and group set on the directory itself.

Performance tuning on Apache, PHP, MySQL, WordPress v1.1 – Updated


This tutorial is covering the web server performance tunings on MySQL, PHP and Apache, WordPress and BuddyPress or general web hosting purpose, the tuning example is based on CentOS 5.

The key of the following performance tuning is focus on memory and caching, most of people host a web site or forum or blog without any tunings or even use the all out-of-box setting.

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Add a cron job in a command line

As you familiar with UNIX cron with crontab -e when you going to add a new schedule cron job.. do you ever tried to add a cron job up to 100 machine?

Simply to use pipe-in with crontab -l to regenerate the crontab.

Here you are

(crontab -l; echo "0 0 * * * /path/to/") | crontab -


Remove IBM HTTP Server Manually

There are two ways how to uninstall IBM HTTP Server.
Automatically by running this command: /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/uninstall/uninstall

Or Manually only removing the /opt/IBM/HTTPServer directory is not enough. You have to also remove the file /opt/.ibm/.nif/.nifregistry (please, backup the file first, as it will remove other installed IBM websphere family product.


If you have performance issue with WordPress/BuddyPress


Recently, I have time to investigate on my servers memory usage, I found that most of wordpress running site was taken about 20MB to 30MB memory, and the buddypress site is 60MB (WHAO!).

Actually, it still not yet hit the bottleneck what i seen in daily, becoz they’re not busy site, but somewhat when i try to stress it with 50 concurrent user loading on the BP site, it was unbelievable slow!

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