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WordPress post navigation with customized post loop using meta_key

What’s that? I wrote this stupid navigation workout because I can’t found any of good practice on writing customized content unless I go for WordPress 3.0. When I create several content handling in a themes, such as photo post or video post, I was relied on the meta_key value to determine which style to be…

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howto create GFS on DRBD network disk mirroring

Introduction This howto will cover how to create a DRBD disk set with GFS concurrent disk access setup. Why DRBD? DRBD disk mirroring benefit as a shared SAN disk to archive higher service resilience with low cost hardware component. Alternately, it may be configured for backup purpose with it’s flexibility. Prerequisite 1. RedHat Cluster Suit…

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Openldap recovery howto

If you are experiencing LDAP errors or startup without error but no ldap port (389|636) is listening for service and you have tried restarting the LDAP server by running /etc/init.d/ldap restart, then you should try running the following recovery procedure: Typical corruption 1. Stop the LDAP server: 2. Run the daemon manually with debug flag…

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Apache Web Load Balancing howto

Setup Overview A apache load balancer www.mydomain.com setup for redirect incoming request to two underlying web server www1.mydomain.com, www2.mydomain.com. Hosts Host#1 www1.mydomain.com: Host#2 www2.mydomain.com: The apache load balancer instance www.mydomain.com running on RedHat Cluster floating IP or you can activate it on either one server using IP alias without using Cluster Suit….

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howto reinstall GRUB in rescue mode while using lvm / mdadm

This article is how to activate LVM and mdadm software raid in rescue and reinstall GRUB boot loader, since the boot CD will not do this job for you. By following the steps, you may able to do system recovery or disk operation. RedHat 5.x Activate the RAID

Enlarge linux software mirror raid 1 howto

Scenario A linux box running on a software raid 1 mirror harddisk (120GB), recently the server is running out of disk space. A new pair of harddisk with larger capacity (500GB) is going to replace the existing pair. Current disk layout 100MB md0:/dev/sda1, /dev/sda2 111GB md1:/dev/sdb1, /dev/sdb2 /boot /dev/md0 VolGroup00 /dev/md1 – LogVol00 swap –…

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MySQL multiple instance on CentOS howto

Create new database instance on new destination

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