cannot backup >8gb file using tar

fbackup and frecover is the solution when old tar program cannot backup file over 8GB.

here is the convention

backup to tape device

tar -cvf /dev/rmt/0m /path/to/backup1 /path/to/backup2

fbackup -vf /dev/rmt/0m -i /path/to/backup1 /path/to/backup2

restore from tape device

tar -xvf /dev/rmt/0m

frecover -xvf /dev/rmt/0m -i /path/in/fbackup -i /path/in/fbackup

the -i specify the path your backed up in your tape, it’ll extract it in your current directory.

useful link:

spmi: Common Memory locked by process

The SPMI (System Performance Measurement Interface) is the interface used by any program that provides performance statistics (topas, nmon, xmperf, etc).

Steps to recycle System Performance Measurement Interface (SPMI):
1. Stop all the processes which use the SPMI shared library (xmservd,
filtd, xmperf, 3dmon, ptxrlog, harmd, topas, any PSSP process)
2. Run ipcs -m command and check for any segment “KEY” that begins
‘0x78’, as listed below:
m 0 0xc76283cc
m 1 0x78002323

If there are any such segments, make sure the process which uses those
shared segments is stopped, then run:
ipcrm -m

to clear up those shared memory segments.
3. Run slibclean
4. Now restart topas, or Performance Toolbox.