Best Free Useful Android Apps – Updated on 22 DEC

Here is a list of useful and handy apps for your android, please leave a comment if you found any good one I didn’t list here.

1 Screenshot of AppBrain App Market A must have app, enable fast web install, sync with your android immediately.

2 Simple stock monitoring apps, but no widgets

3 Use this tool to download missing album cover in your device.

4 Screenshot of Snowstorm weather widget Nice and pretty weather widget.

5 Screenshot of SiMi Clock Widget Simple and elegant Text clock and clean weather widget.

6 Screenshot of Musical Lite Handy piano, metronome, drums gadget.

7 Screenshot of Executive Assistant (adware) Powerful all-in-one PIM home screen and widgets.

8 Screenshot of Remote RDP Lite Connect your Remote Desktop in a second

9 Screenshot of Mocha VNC Lite Ever best VNC viewer

10 Screenshot of Convert Units Free Unit convertor

11 Screenshot of Currency Famous currency convertor also available in iPhone

12 Screenshot of ChromeMarks Lite A missing google chrome bookmark synchronization in  android.

13 Screenshot of Mobile Signal Widget Mobile Signal widget track the signal coverage.

14 Screenshot of Launcher Switcher Switch launcher home screen with single click

15 Screenshot of Google Chrome to Phone Powerful tool to send links/text to from chrome to andriod.

16 Screenshot of Google Reader Google Reader, what else should say.

17 Screenshot of Compass Missing compass app in android.

18 Screenshot of Depth Of Field Calculator Handy calculator for photography lovers.

19 Screenshot of Ringdroid Edit your favorite MP3 ringtone

20 Screenshot of ASTRO File Manager Powerful file management in android, SMB, SFTP, Bluetooth plugins also available.

21 Screenshot of Barcode Scanner Barcode scanner for QR code. Even more faster access to Market.

22 Screenshot of droid VNC server VNC server on android, control your mobile

23 Screenshot of MySettings Let you toggle power options in two click.

24 Screenshot of ColorDict Dictionary Universal Popular dictionary app.

25 Screenshot of Shazam Song recognizer, tell you the song info which it recognized.

26 Screenshot of GTasks A missing google task app in android.

27 Take screen capture by shaking your device

28 Screenshot of MSN Talk The best MSN messager ever

29 Screenshot of 3G Watchdog Monitor your 3G data usage.

30 Screenshot of Android System Info Detail System Info, task killer..

31 Screenshot of LauncherPro Top rated home screen replacement.

32 Screenshot of CedIME Best chinese IME

33 Screenshot of ClockSync Time sync tools in case your carrier mess up your clock.

34 Screenshot of SMS Backup & Restore One of promising SMS backup/restore tool.

35 Screenshot of MoreLocale 2 Enable locale variation settings in your device.

36 Screenshot of GO SMS Alternative SMS app over Hancent SMS, nice looking, popup reply.

37 Screenshot of Go Launcher Alternative home screen replacement, very smooth and clean.

38 Examine your startup app, remove unwanted app to improve your device startup speed.

39 Use your fingers, make gestures and open any menu or init wireless connections

40 Elegant text based battery status widget

41 AutoKiller is an award winner minfree tweaker, it fine tunes android’s inner memory manager to keep your device fast and lowers battery consumption. Also includes a manual process/service manager.

42 Power web desktop enable you to use phone functionality in web browser through WiFi connection, SMS, file management

43 The BLN turns the touchkey backlights into a notification led.
This app *REQUIRES* a kernel with BLN mod
Useful for Samsung Galaxy S

44 Free,Featured File manager & Appmanager & taskkiller which explores PHONE & PC

45 A personal organizer application designed to be as close to a real personal organizer possible, and also to be attractive and practical.

46 Download your Facebook albums to your mobile device. With each run, the app will automatically sync the changes in your albums directly to your phone, saving the actual picture file onto the SD card.

47 Improved Email Frustrating on 2.2 stock mail? This one is a improved version of mail application

48 QuickDesk, revolutionizing Android multi tasking. Imagine a screen to quick switch to other apps or settings.

49 Elixir is a system information application with highly configurable widgets. Displays information about battery, cpu usage, memory usage, internal and external storage (sd-card), display, wifi, mobile network, location services (gps), bluetooth, sensors, etc.

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