managing hpvm

Start a VM

hpvmstart -P vmname

Stop a VM

hpvmstop -P vmname

List VM status


List individual VM status

hpvmstatus -P vmname

Assign a Host LV to a VM

hpvmmodify -P vmname -a disk:scsi:lv:/dev/vg_vm/rlv_vm01

Assign a Host scsi disk to a VM

hpvmmodify -P vmname -a disk:scsi:lv:/dev/rdsk/c0t0s0

Assign a Host tape drive to VM

hpvmmodiy -P vmname -a tape:scsi:attach:/dev/rscsi/c5t3d0

Remove allocated resource from VM

hpvmmodify -P vmname -d disk:scsi:lv:/dev/rdsk/c0t0s0

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  1. How do you change the “memory required to start VM” dynamically? I know the command “hpvmmodify -P VMname -r 2G”. I know you need to install HPVM-guest, I know you need to enable dynamic_memory_control=1. But it doesn’t work.

  2. Since lack of information from your question, please try to verify the following point.

    1. Did you installed guest-tool properly on your guest vm?
    2. hpvmstatus -V -P VMname , did you see dynamic memory section is enabled?
    3. Did you create your VM with -x ram_dyn_type=any -x ran_dyn_min=M -x ran_dyn_max=M -x ram_dyn_target_start=M ?
    4. hpvmmgmt -l ram , on guest, does it show memory settings properly?

    Try to re-read the manual carefully again.

    good luck!

  3. Hello,

    1) HPVM-Guest is installed
    [VMname:root]/root # swlist HPVM-Guest
    # Initializing…
    # Contacting target “VMname”…
    # Target: VMname:/

    # HPVM-Guest B.04.00 Integrity VM Guest
    HPVM-Guest.vmTools B.04.00 Integrity VM Tools

    2)[Dynamic Memory Information]
    Type : driver
    Minimum memory : 1024 MB
    Target memory : 2042 MB
    Maximum memory : 2048 MB
    Current memory : 2042 MB
    Comfortable minimum : 890 MB
    Boot memory : 2042 MB
    Free memory : 1180 MB
    Available memory : 206 MB
    Memory pressure : 0
    Memory chunksize : 65536 KB

    3) hpvmcreate -P VMname -O hpux -c 1 -e 25 -r 2g -B auto \
    -a network:lan:vswitch:vsw-lo \
    -a network:avio_lan:vswitch:vsw-l901 \
    -a dvd:scsi::null:/var/opt/hpvm/ISO-images/hpux \
    -a disk:avio_stor::disk:/dev/rdisk/disk8 \
    PS: There is space between -x and ram

    4) [VMname:root]/root # hpvmmgmt -l ram

    [Dynamic Memory Information]
    Type : driver
    Target memory : 2042 MB
    Current memory : 2042 MB
    Comfortable minimum : 890 MB

    The command I did to change the memory is

    [host:root] # hpvmmodify -P VMname -r 3g
    hpvmmodify: Unable to dynamically set the memory information.
    hpvmmodify: Guest needs to be restarted for all changes to take effect.

    You can see that I need to restart the guest.


  4. Hello,

    I think I found why. Because I didn’t create the VM with
    dynamic_memory_control=1, I have to add the option when change memory.

    hpvmmodify -P VMname -r 4g \
    -x dynamic_memory_control=1

    This command worked. But my additional issue is: I can’t
    see the changes from hpmvstatus command.

  5. Hi Steve, using dynamic memory on HPVM can be set between ram_dyn_min and ram_dyn_max. The ram_target specify the guest VM memory size, enable dynamic_memory_control is allowing the dynamic memory management on guest vm.

    you should set ram_dyn_max to a higher value, and then use ram_target to limit on each guest VM.

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