Data Protector: Object is a mounted filesystem => not restored.

Unexpected mounted filesystems detected when restoring a disk imageWhen restoring a disk image, you get a message that the disk image being restoredis a mounted filesystem and will not be restored:

Object is a mounted filesystem => not restored.

This happens when an application on the disk image leaves some patterns on thedisk image. The patterns confuse the system call that verifies whether the filesystemon the disk image is mounted or not, so the system call reports that there is a mountedfilesystem on the disk image.


1. Try zero out the device

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/r[logical volume] bs=8k

2. For AIX, lslv [logical volume] , verify it doesn’t contain DS_LVZ, otherwise, recreate it without -T O
3. For AIX with IBM SAN Volume Controller, run

lquerypr -ph  /dev/vpathX

4. For AIX, try not varyon the volume group in concurrent mode.

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