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drobo mini performance issue

I had looking for a portable high capacity storage system for a while and turns out there are two popular in the market. Drobo Mini, and the Pegasus J4 from Promise. I finally grab this drobo mini because of the recent price drop from 660US to 320US… very attractive price! Very Slow Overall! At the […]

DIY Fujifilm X-M1 wireless shutter release control

Wireless shutter release for X-M1 Fujifilm X-M1 out of box do not equip a remote shutter remote or capability for third parties. You have only one choice  (RR-90) USB wired remote. As I owned X-E1 in few months ago, X-E1 works with Canon E3 compatible remote shutter release and I found that RR-80 USB (for […]


Build up a iPad Plarail Patrol with Arduino + OSC

Introduction This tutorial give you an idea to build up a iPad controlled Parail. Please read my Arduino OSC step by step howto post if you don’t know how to work with Arduino. 1. Hardware Setup Show you how they connected together. The network setup Attach the servo on Plarail component(Rail, Station) 2. Software Setup […]


Arduino OSC step by step howto

Introduction This tutorial provide step by step that help you to  setup a OSC ready Arduino which allows you to send instruction to your Arduino wirelessly from your iOS/Android device by using TouchOSC. Suppose you have basic knowledge on computer networking, and Arduino, and we are going to cover the following topics. 1. Hardware Setup Show […]

Reborn your Roland CY-8 Cymbals

Playing your Roland CY-8 Cymbal time by time, it will becoming lack of sensitivity, you have to hit it very hard to trigger the sound. It is because oxidation is happening on the sensor inside the cymbal pad. To fix it in very low cost without replacing a brand new pad, you may just buy […]

Enable your iPad 2 Cover Lock/Unlock Option

iPad Cover Lock/Unlock missing? Most of you might have noticed that iPad 2 doesn’t shows the iPad Cover Lock/Unlock option in settings. That’s NOT an issue, this option automatically shows up once you attach the smart cover for first time on your iPad. Use a piece of magnet, and touch on your iPad right upper […]

Firefox / thunderbird font hinting broken after upgrade ubuntu 11.04

I was encountered the font hinting/smoothing were broken on firefox/thunderbird after upgrade to ubuntu 11.04, as you see the screenshot, the title has font smoothed but the Menu,URL address and the content dosen’t. Having reset everything in gnome by remove “.gnome2″,”.gconf”,”.gconfd” doesn’t help. Finally remove this file “.fonts.conf” in home folder did the trick.

3 Step to keep track OS memory usage by process

Tutorial So many people asking how to keep track on the OS memory usage by process, as you know a bit about Physical Memory, Virtual Memory (VSZ), Resident Set Size (RSS), Shared Memory, Paging Memory…etc, counting RSS to determine memory usage is very common way and easier to understand for dummies like me, although it’s […]

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