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Rename Post format string in WordPress theme

Code Because post format string is hard coded in post.php, so you can’t change them in filter way. To rename the post format string and display in a theme, you can add the following function in function.php. To display the mod-ed post formant name, call this function

How to filter “Standard” Post format in WordPress

Post format As you know Post Formats is a theme feature introduced with Version 3.1. A Post Format is a piece of meta information that can be used by a theme to customize its presentation of a post. The Post Formats feature provides a standardized list of formats that are available to all themes that […]

WordPress theme preview “The eVol Theme”

I’ll release this WordPress theme “The eVol Theme” for free(hopefully) in coming days(hopefully too), this theme is a all-in-one package build for photographers, portfolio users, bloggers. The themes support the follow key features. – Front-end composing – Auto image resize, attach – Exif, Geo location display for images. – Jplayer support for Audio/Video – Switchable […]

Data Protector: Object is a mounted filesystem => not restored.

Unexpected mounted filesystems detected when restoring a disk imageWhen restoring a disk image, you get a message that the disk image being restoredis a mounted filesystem and will not be restored: Object is a mounted filesystem => not restored. This happens when an application on the disk image leaves some patterns on thedisk image. The […]

Submitting WordPress post from frontend without a plugin

About This tutorial will guide you to create your own custom post composing form to enable fast blogging with your favorite theme without adding a plugin. I’m looking for any alternative to not porting P2, however…. none., ¬†finally that’s the reason i wrote it, and It was also inspired by the original development from http://wpshout.com/wordpress-submit-posts-from-frontend/. […]

SGS How to disable HSPA / HSDPA for better battery life

Go to the phone dialer pad and enter this code: *#301279# Click [2] CHANGE HSPA REVISION Click [1] RELEASE 99 (HSPA OFF) Then you should see something like: CHANGE_R99 HSDPA OFF, HSUPA OFF

Getting ORA-01180 error during database restoration

Why Having restore database from rman but got a ORA-01180 error, it happen often because your backup file source directory is different then original backup path. Let’s try Restore pfile and recreate all necessary directory eg: archive log, admin, a/b/c/udump, datafile… every directory you specified in the pfile Copy your backup pfile to %ORACLE_HOME%\dbs\ Restore […]


MySQL tuning for dummies

Introduction There is so many people asking how to improve their mysql instance, and also so many replies that increase key_buffer, sort_buffer, cache size… etc… which believe will lighten up the performance. However, fellows never notice those parameters was actually efficient to their setup. So here you are MySqlTuner,

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