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Oracle PRKN-1008 Error

Possibility File is missing in LIBPATH Wrong LD_LIBRARY_PATH being set. The .so , . a file is unreadable by oracle user in CRS_HOME/lib | lib32 or ORACLE_HOME/lib | lib32 “ar” command was broken

auxpropfunc error no mechanism available errors

Overview Once you configured Postfix + MySQL + Courier imap + SASL SMTP Auth, And you configured SASL with using courier auth daemon as the following config. /usr/lib/sasl2/smtpd.conf You may notice there have a error message when every smtp attempt. Solution Remove SASL sql package, because you don’t need it while you configured to use…

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Samba 3.4.6 RPM for CentOS 5.4 x86_64

Complied on CentOS 5.4 x86_64 using http://www.samba.org/samba/ftp/stable/samba-3.4.6.tar.gz without customization. md5: 1a43369d6e9dd8c24b3c24c2c51f9527 md5: 5f2f6eda1faa6c835657cc48f4889cd4 md5: 50af881f6a96c3bbe22e05bef32d981b md5: 6c1b8a214fd81bb2f07167a48056b306 md5: 59310246c7eb38e96e9718266c551d9b md5: ac2f6550ae8fbef4f28cd8b4f3247084

MS Document with Samba Changes Owner of File

When user B saves a MS document that is owned by user A, the updated file is now owned by user B, and user B saves the file again, the permission reset to owen read only. How do I fix this? These two settings will ensure that all directories and files that get created in…

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HPUX Managing CPU resource with PRM

Overview Process Resource Manager (PRM) is a resource management tool used to control the amount of resources that processes use during peak system load (at 100% CPU resource or 100% memory resource). PRM can guarantee a minimum allocation of system resources available to a group of processes through the use of PRM groups. A PRM…

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Performance tuning on Apache, PHP, MySQL, WordPress v1.1 – Updated

Introduction This tutorial is covering the web server performance tunings on MySQL, PHP and Apache, WordPress and BuddyPress or general web hosting purpose, the tuning example is based on CentOS 5. The key of the following performance tuning is focus on memory and caching, most of people host a web site or forum or blog…

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How to determine undo usage in Oracle

Overview Undo logs. Traditionally transaction undo information was stored in Rollback Segments until a commit or rollback statement was issued. Automatic undo management allows the DBA to specify how long undo information should be retained after commit, preventing “snapshot too old” errors on long running queries. This is done by setting the UNDO_RETENTION parameter. The…

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How to check tablespace usage in Oracle

Check each schema usage on tablespaces. Check overall tablespaces usage.

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