The eVol Theme Basic


– The eVol Theme require WordPress 3.1 and later

– Your WordPress host must have php-gd installed, please check it out by php_info()


First of all, download it via WordPress theme directory and activate it, and then you need to create TWO empty static PAGE for setting up Front Page and Post Page. Afterwards, navigate to “Settings” -> “Reading”, select the page that you just created. For Example, Front page -> Home, Post Page -> Blog.

Secondly, if you are switching from another theme, you need to regenerate all thumbnails in order to match eVol Theme’s settings. Download Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin from WordPress. And perform a regenerate thumbnail operation.

Thirdly, define a WordPress Custom Menu



Select featured image to display on front page

Create a post or open any existing post which already contain a Featured Image. Check On “Display on front page slide” check-box and then save your post.

Writing a Post

The eVol Theme was customized and minimize your posting effort in some way.

1. Auto title – when you are leaving the blank post title, eVol will fill the title from content which enable fast blogging like “status update”, “aside”.
As you know WordPress support auto embed features, when you’re posting a YouTube video and leaving the title blank. eVol Theme will fill up the title with the Video title showing in rather than a URL.

2. Auto Image, Video, Audio – When you are going to post  images, videos, audios, you don’t need to position your images, inserting them, construct them..etc.. you just need to upload it via “Media Library” into per post. The eVol Theme will show theme in right way. Of cause, you can override this behavior by check on “Disable auto format” from eVol Post Option panel.

3. Link post – When you’re going share a link, you can just write a URL and then Publish the post, eVol Theme will fill up the web page title and get a website screen shot for you.

Introduce Front Page Posting feature

When you logged in WordPress with having “Author” privilege,  a “Pen” icon will display at the top of sidebar , click it and popup a compose form.

With this simplified composing form, you don’t need to go back wordpress admin. It perform the same way as WordPress did but bring only required function.

Posting “Standard blog post”, “Status”, “Aside”

Just type and go, nothing special, as said, if you leaving the title empty, eVol Theme will fill it for you.

Posting a image

Type a title, the content, and then attach your images. For multiple images, the first upload image will be  assigned as post “Featured Image”. If you check on “Disable auto format”,  you required to insert your image html code manually, and the right side area will not showing your text content.

Posting a Gallery

When  Composing a gallery, you may just upload all images and then enter the gallery shortcode into the post content.

Posting Video and Audio

Posting a audio/Video post is very similar to posting a image post. You may just select/upload your files and publish it without adding any shortcode.

For attaching the cover image for the media player, you just need to follow the file naming rules.

For Example:

There a image cover for “Foo song” and a image for “Bar song”, you may just upload those cover with title “Foo song” and “Bar song”.

If it’s containing an album image for all songs/video, you could name it as a common starting word such as the album.

For example:

There have two song title named “Foo song” and “Bar song” in a album,  you may just change their title to “Hotshot – Foo song” and “Hotshot – Bar song”.  And then the cover image title to “Hotshot”.

Remark: You should prepare the media’s file name before uploading them, before WordPress default will use the file name as their title.

Posting a auto embed content (YouTube,flickr,Vimeo..etc)  for image and video.

For auto embed posts supported by WordPress, you should just paste a URL at the first line and then your description following the link in next line.

For multiple embed medias, you have to check on “Disable auto format” other wise you post will gone messy.

Posting a Link

For Link Posting composition, you may just enter the URL(with http) at the first line and then your description following the link in next line.

The eVol Theme will grab the screenshot and the site title for you. Of cause, you may override the title by typing your own one.

The eVol Theme Option

Select Theme Color
Select your color scheme
Place your customized css file in template css directory and name it as “user.css”
Alternatively(Highly recommended), create your own child theme to avoid overwritten by theme updates in future.

Enter URL logo image URL.

Front Page Style
Select desired front page style.
[1] Single Random Picture. (Display 1 of featured image randomly).
[2] SmoothScroll Effect. (Display images with SmoothScroll effect, image aspect can be kept)
[3] Coin silder Effect. (Display images with Coin Slider effect, image will be cropped to fit the container)

Main Style
Select desired main page style.
[1] Wall style.
[2] Post-it Style.

Number of front page images
How many image display on homepage slideshow. Default: 5
Be considerate of download speed!.

Front page featured image container width
Enter the container width for disply on frontpage (default: 500px)
You must regenerate the thumbnails with using “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin after changing this value.

Front page featured image container height
Enter the container height for disply on frontpage (default: 340px)
You must regenerate the thumbnails with using “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin after changing this value.

Image width for image posts

Enter the image width for the post (default: 530px)
You must regenerate the thumbnails with using “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin after changing this value.

The eVol Theme Post Option

Display on front page slide – Check this on if you wanna put your featured image on front page.

Disable auto format – This option only effective for image/video/link posts, check this on if you want to master your content without eVol Touching it.

Extra information for posts – These meta value shown as independent info on the post panel under the post title.

You can customize them by edit functions.php, and then search “$evol_post_metas”, Re-ordering them by moving the array key up/down.

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