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Submitting WordPress post from frontend without a plugin

About This tutorial will guide you to create your own custom post composing form to enable fast blogging with your favorite theme without adding a plugin. I’m looking for any alternative to not porting P2, however…. none., ¬†finally that’s the reason i wrote it, and It was also inspired by the original development from http://wpshout.com/wordpress-submit-posts-from-frontend/….

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WordPress post navigation with customized post loop using meta_key

What’s that? I wrote this stupid navigation workout because I can’t found any of good practice on writing customized content unless I go for WordPress 3.0. When I create several content handling in a themes, such as photo post or video post, I was relied on the meta_key value to determine which style to be…

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Performance tuning on Apache, PHP, MySQL, WordPress v1.1 – Updated

Introduction This tutorial is covering the web server performance tunings on MySQL, PHP and Apache, WordPress and BuddyPress or general web hosting purpose, the tuning example is based on CentOS 5. The key of the following performance tuning is focus on memory and caching, most of people host a web site or forum or blog…

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horde/imp display gb2312 character interim solution

While too many gb2312 character in horde cannot converted as UTF-8, to give it a quick workaround, I’d just enforce horde to treat gb2312 encoding to gbk which is more compatible for chinese double-byte character. Replace the lines in lib/Horde/String.php from if (!$output && String::extensionExists(‘mbstring’)) { $output = @mb_convert_encoding($input , $to, $from); } to if…

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